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Miles enjoying his afternoon apple.

Ok, so I realise this blog has just become my place to post photos of Miles. I *promise* I'll post some other things, but in the meanwhile, you'll have to put up with it! And this was just too funny not to post.

One thing you should know about Miles is that he LOVES to eat. He doesn't give up easily either, as you will see in this video I took on my phone yesterday. Stay tuned for a cameo of me stealing some of his food - normally that would never work.

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No new travel reports, but Miles is getting older!

all seasons in one day

And here are some pics for those who are interested..

Miles enjoying his football

Miles learning to stand.

Miles being harassed by me! My favourite game ;)

Miles PJs that match his blanket.. looks strange when the two are together.

Ok, so maybe there was some travelling.. we went down to the Great Ocean Road a few weeks back. Always nice for a visit. Miles didn't seem to mind too much either. Except for the drive back that is, which he seemed particularly unhappy about!

Here's some photos from this latest visit to The Road.


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Miles in Hospital

-17 °C

Unfortunately little Miles came down with Gastro-enteritis on the weekend and has been in hospital the last few days. Here's a photo of him looking particularly displeased with the situation. In truth, we were quite happy to see him this bright eyed again after a few days of pretty lethargic behaviour.


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