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Miles enjoying his afternoon apple.

Ok, so I realise this blog has just become my place to post photos of Miles. I *promise* I'll post some other things, but in the meanwhile, you'll have to put up with it! And this was just too funny not to post.

One thing you should know about Miles is that he LOVES to eat. He doesn't give up easily either, as you will see in this video I took on my phone yesterday. Stay tuned for a cameo of me stealing some of his food - normally that would never work.

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Hilarious! Gotta love the commitment to eating, especially when he actually collapses to the ground, then dramatically rises up again to continue eating.

by dr.pepper

by Hien

My expert fatherly knowledge tells me this child is tired and needs to be put to bed :) Hehehe, nice vid (was it supposed to be soundless?)

by Sam I Am

Yeah, I wish that worked. The minute he was put in bed, he got back up and was as awake as ever. He's stopped napping in the last week. Much to our disappointment I'll add :(

by Peter

I guess that is a bugger if you are home with him. Malia still prefers to nap daily, but we're pushing the daycare to stop with it as she's sleeping terribly at night in return :)

by Sam I Am

Yeah, it is a bugger - sometimes he'd nap for two hours which is a great time to get a few things done.

But certainly, the night sleep is still the preferred one and he's thankfully quite good at that. Of course, daylight savings kicked in last week, so that's had a small effect as well.

by Peter

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