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Barcelona - la Sagrada Familia


Barcelona is a lovely city! Beautiful buildings, great food and really nice people so far :) As I mentioned in the last diary entry, we were late on our first night here, which meant the hotel was mainly booked out when we arrived there at twenty to midnight. This worked in our favour, as we were upgraded to a beautiful four person room with a huge bathroom and a LOT of space! We went out for some tapas on las ramblas to finish the day off.

Next morning we were told that they had a smaller room which is what we had payed for of course, so we had to move to that one.. a lot smaller and the bathroom was crammed into a room that would normally only fit a toilet, but the view was of the Joan Miro mosaic on las ramblas and there is a lot more action in general to be seen from the balcony. More about that later.

To start our visit of Barcelona, we made our way down to the Sagrada Familia, the amazing Cathedral that Gaudi started work on over a hundred years ago and still is work in progress. It is basically a construction site, so you can only walk around certain restricted areas. Well worthwile though and we spent almost two hours walking around looking at it from different angles and wandering through the museum underneat the cathedral.

Besides our visit to the Sagrada Familia, we also visited the Textile Museum, which proved rather fascinating, with some beautiful capes and old spanish clothing. It is situated in the Old Town of Barcelona just opposite the Picasso museum. The narrow winding streets in that area are beautiful and a great pleasure to walk down as there are all manner of lovely quaint little shops.

After dinner, we sat on our balcony for a good hour and a half watching all the action on las ramblas. We were keen to try and spot any pick pocketing, but instead were treated to a lot of street performances and a rather violent episode between a certain man and the police! The events took well over half an hour to unfold and we followed the whole thing like it was a play being acted out in front of us. I won't go into all the details, but it included a lot of arguing, some hassling of restaurant patrons, some urinating on the sidewalk and some fairly serious looking fighting talk! Besides that, there was also a man dressed up as a gorilla hassling people, which we thought would be a perfect setup for a pick-pocket.. who knows

Well, that's pretty much yesterday's story. I'll tell you about our new camera tomorrow..

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Hi Peter, I'll be going to Barcelona and Madrid this August and I noticed you said you were upgraded to a huge hotel room. I was wondering which hotel you stayed at because I'm lookig for hotels right now, for 6 people, and if I cant find a hotel room thats big enough for all of us for the right price we'll just get two rooms. But still wondering if the hotel you stayed at had a good price for that huge room. thanks


by nightcrawl

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