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New: Tweet to @tpblogs and we'll update your Travellerspoint blog (the one linked to your Twitter username). Twitpic photos supported.[1].

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  1. 1 This post was an example of a tweeted entry. I've then gone in and edit it to include this bit of explanatory text.

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tlpmm.jpg - Miles with his best #sartorialist pose.

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May is here

Yes, May is here. Our new daughter, May Elizabeth Tate Dunstan-Daams that is :)

She was born yesterday at 11.25 AM. At 49 cm tall and 2.99 kg, she is on the small side, but she looks very healthy as you can see in the pictures below. She is also quite a peaceful little girl, and has barely cried for more than a minute a time. Not counting on that lasting, but oh well - it is great for now. I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

May and her aunt Joy

Yep, she's cute :)

May, meet your brother Miles (and Bec). He's fascinated by his new sister obviously. Another photo below.

May and Grandma

May and Grandpa

Miles excited about his little sister.

May with her cousins Lucy and Mila

May with her cousin Ned

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